3rd Jan 2016

Tunic Dress = A Girl's Best Friend!

No one really understands the amount of work needed to be modest, unless they themselves go through with it every single day. Honestly, who has the time to wake up every single morning and set up a perfect outfit with everything that we need to finish up during the day?? I surely don't!

Every modest girl needs that one dress that she can just throw on and mix with any accessory and still look fabulous, without having to spend the time figuring out if that specific skirt matches that top.

Luckily, we found just the dress to work with the modest and fashion rules! The Mayas Tunic Dress is not only super comfy to be in, but it is also very simple and slimming. It tightens on the sleeves and loosens throughout the body, hiding any imperfection. The length of the dress and the sleeves create an illusion which elongates the body, making you look slimmer instantly.  Plus,  if you just want to change your outfit, all you have to do is throw on a belt or a vest, maybe a necklace or even a scarf! This dress literally goes with everything!

Why drive yourself nuts everyday when you can have a dress that you can switch up all the time and will always look fabulous in?!

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