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Come meet your complimentary stylist @ Maya’s Place!


What has you feeling gorgeous??

Our clothing and accessories are important tools with which we fulfill our special, irreplaceable life purpose.

They speak of how we respect ourselves. Through how we put ourselves together we share who we are, and teach others how to relate to us.

And so: what are your goals? Where, who are you now and where are you headed?

Whether for work, school or carpool, it’s important to present ourselves beautifully,

confidently and modestly because deep-embedded

we are Ambassadors of the highest caliber of majesty.

Therefore, it’s not about us,

it’s about being a beautiful vessel of blessing, truth, peace, wisdom, integrity.

Based on our individual body type and personality,

we each have what i call a ‘sweet spot’ of signature style

that has us looking and feeling gorgeous, our true selves-

even if she’s been MIA for a while!

That said, what has you feeling both royal and comfortable?

Whether you want a few pieces to spruce up your outfit possibilities

or reinvent your wardrobe,

that’s what we’re here for

we specialize in all sorts of retail therapies

and to help makes us really happy!

Come find your voice at Maya’s Place today.

We love putting together and completing outfits for you– and finding happy clarity

your way :)


#signhere :)




#open 10-6

*sorry, retail therapy is not yet covered by most insurances.

All prices are in USD.

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