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How to style the Eden top in the winter?!


Last Spring our beloved Eden Top was born, and turned out to be a crazy summer hit.

Due to the popular demand we kept re cutting the Eden Top and moved it into our fall collection with some Fall colors, and also added a new fabric called DTY (dry textured yarn) which feels like a buttery soft fleece, yet will not over heat.

So now a reply to those of you who haven't yet tried the Eden top and keep asking "What's the fuss over the Eden Tops?"

The Eden Top is an oversize top that surprisingly is super flattering on most body types. girls from sizes 0-18 are Rocking the Eden look. Expecting moms don't want to wear anything else, and for nursing moms just pop their little one under your Eden and nurse.

The Eden Top has beautiful fitted sleeves which is what makes the whole look come together, oversized yet fitted. You can knot it, belt it, tuck it, throw it over a dress, or simply pair it with a skirt.

So Now how are we styling it for Winter?

The magic word is LAYER

Layer it over a turtle neck

Layer it over a collared shirt

Layer it over a dress (we love it over our tunic dress http://www.mayasplaceny.com/mayas-tunic-dress-black/)

or just wrap it around your waist and have fun with it! It will be your go to item and will save lots of wardrobe issues ☺

Here are some fun looks.

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