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Tunic Dress = A Girl's Best Friend!


No one really understands the amount of work needed to be modest, unless they themselves go through with it every single day. Honestly, who has the time to wake up every single morning and set up a perfect outfit with everything that we need to finish up during the day?? I surely don't!

Every modest girl needs that one dress that she can just throw on and mix with any accessory and still look fabulous, without having to spend the time figuring out if that specific skirt matches that top.

Luckily, we found just the dress to work with the modest and fashion rules! The Mayas Tunic Dress is not only super comfy to be in, but it is also very simple and slimming. It tightens on the sleeves and loosens throughout the body, hiding any imperfection. The length of the dress and the sleeves create an illusion which elongates the body, making you look slimmer instantly.  Plus,  if you just want to change your outfit, all you have to do is throw on a belt or a vest, maybe a necklace or even a scarf! This dress literally goes with everything!

Why drive yourself nuts everyday when you can have a dress that you can switch up all the time and will always look fabulous in?!

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Modest Clothing: A Sophisticated Fashion Statement for Every Woman

The clothes that you wear will say a lot about who you are. If you want to make an excellent impression, especially at work, you should be careful with the selection of the items that you wear from head to foot. It is inevitable that people will judge you on the basis of how you dress. In this case, [...]

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Add KikiRiki Skirts and Clothing in Your Closet Today!

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Why Modest Clothes

Based on the study a huge percentage on the male population has a different perspective when it comes to modesty. It appears that most of them are getting attracted on girls that use modest clothing. This is one of the reasons on why modest clothes are getting more popular by the minute. If you [...]

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Buy Miss MeMe Fashion at Maya’s Place

Maya’s Place is your home of stylish but modest fashion items for religious and non-religious women and girls. A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Maya set out to create the best collection of clothing designed for women looking to portray a modest image, while still keeping up with current fashion trends. This led [...]

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Buying modest Clothes Online – Things to Think About

If you are among the throngs of shoppers who love to buy things online, then you definitely have to take some things into consideration. After all, a lot of women enjoy online shopping, but may not be aware on how to shop the right way. For one, it is very important to be informed regarding [...]

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Time to Sparkle up your Closet.. it’s Wedding Season !

Here comes the blossoming flowers and trees as well as a season to celebrate a special occasion. A wedding celebration requires not just the bride to look outstanding but as well as her guests. Sparkle up your night with happiness, laughter and a shine of Maya’s perfect dressy outfits.

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Modesty Movement

Modesty is going Mainstream, Long Skirts, High Necklines, Over-sized Sweaters, and blouses that button to the top are all in abundant circulation, customers can cover up in a classy way, without sacrificing stylishness, with these modest fashions.

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Come meet your complimentary stylist @ Maya’s Place!

What has you feeling gorgeous??Our clothing and accessories are important tools with which we fulfill our special, irreplaceable life purpose.They speak of how we respect ourselves. Through how we put ourselves together we share who we are, and teach others how to relate to us.And so: what are your goals? Where, who are you now [...]

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Ladies Night at Maya’s Place!

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